We offer recycling as a weekly curbside service for $3 per month.
It needs to be washed out and can be comingled- we do single stream recycling.
It needs to be in a bin labeled recycling, NOT bagged please. Karts are rented for $3/month, small bins are sold for $15, or you may use your own labeled container.

Unacceptable Items:
Plastic Bags
Styrofoam                                          Ink cartridges
Paper Towels                                    Shredded Paper
Windows/Mirrors                               Paint/Aerosol Cans
Electronic waste

Acceptable Items:    
Plastics #1,2,4,5,7  
Colored and clear glass  
Tin and Aluminum  
Paper, Newspapers and Junk  
Cereal/food boxes (boxes must be broken down)  
​Kitchen cookware- tin/aluminum pots and pans  
Plastic bags can be taken to Meijer/Kroger/Walmart.