​Large Items: One large item is allowed per week at no additional cost (i.e. furniture or appliances). Refrigerators and other items containing freon are not allowed- they are $30 and must be called in for special pickup.

Remodeling/Construction: Remodeling or construction (carpet, drywall, fixtures, etc) are an extra cost- please call office to schedule pickup. We can take windows, but glass must be taken out, or we cannot be responsible for broken glass on road or driveway.

Yard waste cannot be picked up due to State Law.

Fluorescent bulbs cannot be picked up due to being a health hazard when crushed.

Ink Cartridges cannot be picked up due to being a health hazard when crushed-
   Office Depot may accept them for recycling there.

Tires cannot be picked up due to State Law. North Lapeer Recycling may accept them for a fee.

Unwanted or old medication go to  www.greatlakescleanwater.org      
Hazardous Waste cannot be thrown in the regular garbage. Hazardous waste products are cleaners, pesticides, batteries, fuels, solvents, motor oil, antifreeze and car batteries, oil-based paints, and stains. Contact the Michigan State Extension Office at 
810-667-0341 to inquire about hazardous waste clean-up days.